Dence Belts with PVC, polyester fabric top cover, non-toxic and resistant to animal and vegetable oils and greases, high tensile strength, impregnated bottom side, easy to clean, high and low temperatures, good release characteristics. Most of them are white coloured and have rigid weft, although they are also available in blue and natural colours and some have flexible weft. Belts are used in the following markets: Bakery, Confectionary, Meat and Poultry Fish, Fruit and Vegetables, Diary, Agricultural etc.

The Manufacturing technique of PU material is different from PVC, it is more complicated than PVC in manufacturing, although they are belong plastics. The physical performance of PU cover is better than PVC, it has excellent flexing endurance, good softness, high wear and abrasion resistant, good breathable.

All belts with PU top cover are FDA food Grade, non-toxic, odorless and resistant to animal, vegetable, mineral oil and greases. A wide range of belts to be applied mainly in the food conveyance industries, transport material grain, candy, vegetables, fruits, fowl, meat of bulk, canning, packaging. But also recommendable for other applications such as tobacco, electronic, textile, printing, automobile and tyre, stone, wood processing etc. Most of them are white coloured, although they are also available in blue and natural colour. Most of them are rigid weft. To meet the high requirements of conveyoring and processing, decorative patterns and high strength fabric to increase stability and strength.